Sweetex Buckets

I buy large buckets of sweetex. Sweetex is a high ratio shortening. When I’m done with a bucket of the stuff, I keep that bucket, I don’t even clean it out, you want to know why?!?! I’ll tell you why!!!

To keep your opened fondant nice and moist without it turning into freakin’ rocks, you roll it up in a ball and put it into that bucket of old high-ratio shortening. That’s right!!!! Yes that’s so!!!!!!! Are you picking up what I’m laying down?!?!

I have a problem of putting my fondant pieces into zip lock bags. After a week, I feel like I’m playing with gravel!! Oh hell no!!!!! Fondant is not cheap and putting it into those bucket containers that still have just smudges of shortening on the walls and on the floor of the bucket keeps it fresh as a frickin’ daisy!!!!! I pulled some out today from a project I was working on Saturday and it was better than usable. It was brand spankin’ new!!!!

Try that shit out, don’t throw away your buckets of whatever stupid brand shortening you get. Leave some in there for a few days. Try a week. You’ll see!!!!

I’m this happy!