Dirty Icing a Cake

I see a lot of people searching for what how to dirty ice or what is dirty icing, what is a good dirty icing recipe. Can I use cream cheese to dirty ice a cake, etc.

In all honesty, you can dirty ice a cake with freakin’ anything. To dirty ice a cake is to ice a cake in such a way that you don’t get crumbs and shit all over your completed cake. So you coat that mother up with enough icing and booyah! You won’t have little pieces of chocolate cake on your white icing. Understand that shit?

Preferably though, you will want an icing that will ‘crust’. Hard enough to keep the filling in the cake but still edible so you don’t need a freakin’ icepick to break into the cake. You know what I’m saying?!

I’ve used some decent icings, but I almost always go back to my main icing recipe that I use for tons of things. I mean tons of things too. I use it to dam the filling into the cake, dirty ice, make flowers, pipe borders, leaves, shells, etc.

It is a simple recipe and I post it just about everywhere.

1 Cup of Sweetex (It’s a high ratio shortening)
4 Cups of Confectioners sugar
1 Tbsp of flavoring (normally clear Vanilla extract)
1 Tbsp of Meringue powder
4 Tbsp of Water

Mix well. Add color as your project requires. Don’t fuck this up. Knowing you though, you just might!

Personally, I like to use the #789 tip and a large piping bag. Once that icing is on there, use a big ass icing smoother and get that fucker professional like those jackasses on those popular shows.

Here is a video that will help.

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